Experiencing Weird Symptoms? Maybe Chemicals You Work With Are to Blame.

Many chemicals can cause damage to the human body and its functions. Although workers often take steps to protect themselves from harmful chemicals, they can still suffer the effects of unintentional exposure. Our occupational disease lawyers at Nappa, Monterosso & Poznansky, LLP, have experience handling all types of chemical exposure cases in the greater New York City area. We understand that recognizing the symptoms can lead to better outcomes for injured workers.

How Does Chemical Exposure Happen?

Chemical exposure in the workplace can happen by inhaling, touching, or ingesting harmful chemicals. In many cases, a worker is aware they’ve been exposed due to a visible vapor, strong odor, or immediate effects or injuries. However, toxic chemicals can’t always be seen or smelled, so you may not realize you’ve been exposed if you don’t experience any immediate effects.

People often look at odd symptoms as a fluke or sign of other common ailments. However, when symptoms aren’t addressed right away, disease or damage to the body can worsen and make it more challenging to prove a work-related injury or occupational illness in a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim.

Common Types of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace

Pesticides, cleaning products, paints, solvents, industrial waste, and other substances contain many types of chemicals that can cause illness or injury. Some of the most common include:

  • Arsenic
  • Benzene
  • Lead
  • Chromium
  • Mercury
  • Zinc
  • Silica
  • Asbestos

Symptoms of Chemical Exposure

Symptoms of chemical exposure depend on the substance, how it entered the body, the degree of exposure, and other factors. While some workers experience immediate effects, others may not know they’ve been affected for decades, as in cases involving asbestos exposure and occupational diseases such as mesothelioma. It can be easy to brush off a nagging cough as allergies or attribute abdominal pain to having a sensitive stomach, but even seemingly innocuous symptoms can indicate something more serious.

Exposure to chemicals can lead to symptoms such as:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Red, watery, irritated eyes
  • Sneezing, coughing, or sore throat
  • Shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and lung problems
  • Nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Itchy skin or rash
  • Anxiety, irritability, and sleeplessness
  • Tremors and loss of balance or coordination
  • Reproductive issues such as low sperm count, irregular menstruation, infertility, and miscarriage

Because practically all these symptoms can be caused by several things, chemical exposure may not be the first thing to pop into your mind when you experience them.

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured by Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

If you suspect you are ill or injured due to chemical exposure, see a doctor or go to the emergency room. An occupational disease lawyer can help you determine whether you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation or assistance from Social Security Disability Insurance. In some cases, an injured party may be able to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a product or chemical that caused them harm. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate this complex process and obtain fair compensation for your illness, injuries, and losses.

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